Animated Social Subscribing icons for Blogger

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We have already provided you post on how you can add social sharing buttons for blog post but in this post we are providing you a brand new social subscribing buttons which you can be used as a sidebar widget for your blog this widget contain three most usefull sharing buttons i.e. Google+, Twitter, Facebook and its very simple to add it to your blog

Awesome Social sharing buttons below blog post

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We have given you a post about adding social sharing buttons to blog post but now we are presenting these buttons for you ina new style with hover fading effect its very simple to add these buttons at the end of your post

Popular post Widget with Hover effect for Blogger

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Popular post widget is already given by the blogger but here we are giving it for you in anew way.we are providing it here with mouse hover effect this widget is purely CSS based and it's very simple to add it to your blog

How to display Post author,Date,Label below post title with icons

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When you see some blogs with icons before post author ,date and label then you think how you can add these for your blog its very simple here we are giving a code which will display your post footer below post title with some icons you can also replace these icons with your icons if you want them as you like

How to Customize Post Footer

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When you are new to blogger you want to customize your blog according to your choice such as add a stylish menu bar for your blog,Customize your post footer options and much more.You can customize in four different ways.we are going to explain all of them